Trail Safety & Guidelines

If you are planning on visiting the Trail, please be sure to check in with  Metlakatla Wilderness Trail staff for a head count, to pay, and to sign a waiver. This ensures that all visitors are safely accounted for. All visitors to the trail must also pay the admission fee prior to beginning the hike.

Reservations are required.

All hikers must travel in pairs of 2 or more. For safety reasons, no one may walk the trail alone.

Be respectful of the community. Metlakatla is home to many people. Please respect their right to privacy and stick to the main road when walking through the village to the trail head.

Users are not permitted to dock their vessels at the Metlakatla dock or along the shoreline unless they receive prior written permission from the Metlakatla Governing Council. Please make use of the Metlakatla Ferry service for your visit. In future, chartered boat services may also be available.

For wildlife protection and pet safety, pets are not allowed on the trail.

The trail is home to several forms of wildlife - including wolves and bears. We encourage visitors to follow safety precautions regarding wildlife while hiking the trail. Provincial Safety Guidelines for Wildlife are available here:

Along the shoreline next to the trail are several sandbars that are exposed during low tide. However they will quickly be covered over as the tide comes in, which could leave hikers stranded. Please be aware of tidal changes when visiting our beaches. A tidal data table for the Prince Rupert area is available here: